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Understanding Parallel Compression

The idea behind parallel compression is simple: blend a heavily compressed version of your mix with the uncompressed original. The compressed version is slowly blended in behind the original, adding excitement and more drive to the recording. This type of compression is also known as the New York mix. ‘Why the New York mix’?, well simply because this method became popular with New York producers and got the name New York Compression.

Because you have a heavily compressed sub-mix of say the drums, this would greatly reduce the louder peaks and through the gain you are able to bring up the smaller, softer parts. This giving rise to its other well know the name ‘Up wards Compression’, basically three names for the same thing! Producers, trying to confuse everyone!

Here is our video tutorial that should get you started with everything you need to know.

You can also get more information from our full compression tutorial here.