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Bass Guitar La La La Naughty Boy

Creating the Bass Guitar La La La Naughty Boy really is quite simple and basically a gift of a timbre

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Introduction to NI Massive (Part 3)

Now it’s time to use Massive to make a classic sound from scratch, this way we can see how

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Sweep FX Sound – Daniel Bedingfield – AS Music Technology

More wonderful AS Music Technology coursework here again! As you all know, and I’m sure love, the Sequencing track

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Bass Guitar – Gotta Get Through This- AS Music Technology

Time for even more help from The Music Espionage again for the song ‘Gotta Get Through This’, by Daniel

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Kick Drum – Gotta Got Through This – AS Music Technology

The AS Music Technology coursework is here again! This year for the Sequencing track of Unit One, we have

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The new work book!

The new AS Level music technology workbook is out! Get ready all you music technology people! This year’s sequencing

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