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Manufacturers Specifications – Microphones

Manufacturers Specifications – Microphones: So you now have a better understanding for the basics of electricity, cover in ‘Manufacturers

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Guide to Stereo Recording

The ‘Guide to Stereo Recording‘ will help you record using two or more audio channels at once. Basically, any stereo

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Quick Guide to EQ Vocals

Quick Guide to EQ Vocals is a really quick guide to getting a better sounding vocal track. Many consider the

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14 Tips to remember when using EQ

As with any kind of FX or processing in Post-production/Mixing less is more and EQ is no different. If

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Recording Headroom

Have you ever heard a producer, recording engineer or even your band-mate with an audio interface in his bedroom

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5 Step Guide to Basic Mixing

Starting any mix is difficult; not knowing the sound you are going for, what instrument to listen to first

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