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Quick Guide to Reverb

This Quick Guide to Reverb will help you have a better understanding of Reverb and how this FX is

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Indie Rock and Soul

The As Music Technology listening exam 2015 is only a week away! Here at The Music Espionage we always

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As-Level Music Technology Mark Scheme

If you happen to be taking the As Music Technology (first year) and the A2 Music Technology (second year),

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Harp La La La Naughty Boy

The Harp instrument in this song is greatly important; it leads the track at the very beginning and falls

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Bass Guitar La La La Naughty Boy

Creating the Bass Guitar La La La Naughty Boy really is quite simple and basically a gift of a timbre

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Ten Things to Remember When creating La La La Naughty Boy

No doubt you are getting sick of ‘LaLaLa’ well please sick in there. There is a lot of work

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