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Mixing and Post-Production:

Manufacturers Specifications – Interfaces

Manufacturers Specifications – Interfaces: Welcome to part three of The Music Espionage’s tutorials on Manufacturers Specifications. In part one

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Quick Guide to Reverb

This Quick Guide to Reverb will help you have a better understanding of Reverb and how this FX is

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Quick Guide to EQ Vocals

Quick Guide to EQ Vocals is a really quick guide to getting a better sounding vocal track. Many consider the

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14 Tips to remember when using EQ

As with any kind of FX or processing in Post-production/Mixing less is more and EQ is no different. If

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Guide to Mastering

Just when you thought you had spent enough time recording and mixing everything, you now have to Master! Mastering

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Top Tips for Mixing

So The Music Espionage is here again to offer some guidance in the painful world of mixing and studio

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