The Music Espionage

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Harp La La La Naughty Boy

The Harp instrument in this song is greatly important; it leads the track at the very beginning and falls

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Introduction to NI Massive (Part 3)

Now it’s time to use Massive to make a classic sound from scratch, this way we can see how

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Introduction to NI Massive (Part 2)

The Center Window This week we will talk about Massive’s Center Window located in the center-right of the synth.

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Introduction to NI Massive – Part 1

Massive   Massive is a great wavetable semi-modular synthesizer that has a very large variety of Oscillators to choose

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How to Recreate Madness by Muse – Part 3 Snare

This is the third part of Recreating Madness by Muse, If you haven’t done yet look at the first

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How to recreate Madness by Muse – Part 2 Lead Guitar

This is the second post looking at the A2 Music Technology coursework task of recreating Madness by Muse using

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