The Music Espionage

History of Pop Music:

Desert Rock

Palm Desert, located in Riverside Country, California, is a city of hot summers and warm winters, a parched metropolis

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History of Pop Music – Club Dance

In the early 1980s Frankie Knuckle was DJing in the famous Warehouse Club, Chicago. He played a mixture of

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History of Pop Music – Electro

The ringing tinnitus could still be heard from genres like Punk and post-punk’s Indie Rock, but Pop was about

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History of Pop Music – Indie

Indie-Rock was the direct polar opposite of the music that was echoing throughout the charts at the time, these

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History of Pop Music – Punk

Britain was in turmoil with jobs losses, sky rocketing interest rates, towering petrol prices and a Prime Minister that

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History of Audio Recording Technology

Both the music industry and the ability to record any wonderful bit of audio has developed a great deal

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