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Figure Propellerhead Review

What is it? Figure is not a full DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), but is an extremely nifty little piece

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Computer Specifications Explained

Understanding computers and their specifications can be a bit of a minefield. A lot of numbers, Gigathis, Megathat, different

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Top Ten Microphones for Under £150

The world of amateur audio and bedroom production has developed greatly, allowing just about anyone with half a brain-cell

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Buyer Guides: Three top books for studio production

When it comes to studio production, recording, mixing and all the rest of it, it is always handy to

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Review – Boss DS-1 Distortion

What would be the point in writing line upon line of text about a product that most musicians, producers

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Review – Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

The Scarlett 2i2, quite simply is a 2 input and 2 out-put USB audio interface. It does exactly what

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