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Fylde Acoustic Guitar

Fylde Acoustic Guitar is a totally bespoke guitar and put together for the amazing English, Folk musician John Smith.

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Music biographies: Their affect on the modern songwriter

Over 2013 I have read a fair few books, and a number of those have included music biographies. There

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Ideas for small studios

So you want to turn your bedroom into the next Abby Road? Well a little help couldn’t harm. In

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What’s New in Music

The first of many! We have comprised a list of all new technology, software, hardware and anything that may

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10 Music Sites to Bookmark

If you’re anything like me, whenever you’re composing, trying a little home production, learning a new song on your

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SynPlant, Soniccharge – Review

What the hell is that? Yeah, that’s what we thought, the first time we saw it. Synplant is basically

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