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The Music Espionage is an educational website aimed at helping people understand and learn the wonderful mysteries of music and music technology. We cover everything from the basics all the way to creating sexy beats, dirty riffs and fat wobbles.

If you have a passion for music and love all things techy you are in the right place!

The Music Espionage was put together by Stuart Pennington way back in early 2010. A Studio Production and Composition graduate from Derby University. At the time Stuart was working as an A-Level Music Technology lecturer in Manchester and got frustrated with the complete lack of straightforward tutorials he could find anywhere. In an effort to aid his teaching and develop student’s knowledge of Music Technology, he wanted to put together a website that would help people new to creating music.

Well all of the early teaching materials were there and he had good friends that could get him started with the website, all that was needed was a name. Well, being a big fan of history and all things ‘Conspiracy’, the under-title on a book he was reading at the time seemed to call out to him. “Ether Music and Espionage”, from the book ‘Theremin’, by Albert Glinsky.

The book tells the life story of Leon Theremin, and his love of electrical music while living during the Cold War in Soviet Russia. The idea that music and music technology is some kind of secret to those that know, was everything he wanted to be against. Music and using technology to create music should be for everyone so lets do a little ‘espionage’ to find everything out. That, in a nutshell, is the basic idea behind the site!

We always love to hear from readers of the site, even the ones pointing out where we have made mistakes and believe us, over the years there has been a few. But if you want to wish us ‘all the best’, ‘keep up the good work’ or simply hate the fact that the Music Espionage is such an amazing site, then please drop us an email.

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