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10 Music Sites to Bookmark

If you’re anything like me, whenever you’re composing, trying a little home production, learning a new song on your instrument or just messing about on the web you need all the help you can. Here are some website you definitely need to bookmark.

No. 1 – Tap Tempo

So many times I have been working with bands and they suddenly want to record a new track. You need a click track and quick! With this great site you simply tap the tempo with your space bar, basic but very, very useful.

No. 2 – SearSlutz

So you have got stuck and need to ask, well don’t be embarrassed it happens to the best of us. This forum based site has categories for EVRYTHING, all are open to discussion and no questions are barred. They have forums on really useful subjects like ‘Industry Jobs’, getting that dream job and ‘Deal Zone’, be the first to hear about great offers.

No. 3 – Chord-Progression-Generator

So you are strumming a few chords and you just can’t seem to find anything that fits. Fear not. All you need to do is state the key and style you want the rest is zapped together in a moment. It won’t give you a fully finished song, but may just come up with something you might have never of thought of.

No. 4 – Recording Microphones

Need to know something about common microphones, well these guys know the importance of the microphone in the recording chain and how it can make or break a song. Every type of mic, every manufacturer and even some stuff on recording.

No. 5 – Music Theory

Getting started with music theory? Then this website will certainly help get you get on track to compose that masterpiece. All lessons are very easy to follow, with audio examples that add a great depth of knowledge to your learning, in addition to all this many, many useful exercises to practice with to develop your skills.

No. 6 – Boy in Band

One lad that loves music, specially sequencing/composing and through the kindness of his heart he wants to share that understanding, sounds a little like the kind people here at The Music Espionage. Some great tutorials and great techniques shown.

No. 7 – Remix Comps

You have spent ages developing a great remix of one of your favorite tracks, so what do you do with it? Well try your luck in one of these great competitions. This site lists loads of great chances for you to make a little bit of money with your songs and get your name out there.

No. 8 – Muffwiggler

This is another forum-based site, mainly aimed at modular synths lovers who want to share ideas, techniques and even do a little bitching! However there is a massive amount of professional individuals here that are willing to help no matter what the question.

No. 9 – MIT Open Course

The USA’s Higher Education university of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) open course site had lots and lots of downloadable information about music technology and the history of recording production through the ages. Moreover if you really want to screw your mind into oblivion take a look at the Physics courses.

No. 10 – The Music Espionage

Finally… The Music Espionage! Well we wouldn’t want to miss a chance would we? If you are reading this here is a BIG thank you for supporting us. The new site is coming and hopefully great steps forward with tutorials and pages we provide.


If you can think of any more that you use all the time, please leave a comment or get in touch!